The Osentia® Test

Everyone has some risk of developing osteoporosis, which is often undiagnosed until the time you fracture a bone. It is therefore important to identify the risk of osteoporosis early enough to take steps to help prevent and minimise the development of the condition and reduce the risk of fracture.

The Osentia® at-home screening test only requires a fingernail or toenail clipping measuring 2mm or more in depth and 5mm in width to be sent for laboratory analysis. You will also need to complete a test order form which includes questions about your health and lifestyle. The test will accurately provide your personal risk of a fragility fracture, which is an early indicator of your risk of developing osteoporosis. The results will be returned to you via email or post within seven days.

For a safe and accurate result, Osentia® uses the Raman Spectroscopy technology to analyse your nail clipping and based on the personal information provided on your test order form, we have calculated your risk of suffering from a fragility fracture.

Osentia® test results

Osentia® has been clinically proven to assess the risk of fragility fractures, enabling early, long-term lifestyle changes to be made and earlier treatment to be administered.

Osentia® assesses your risk of suffering a fragility fracture by analysing a clipping from either your fingernail or toenail. Every Osentia® test kit is supplied with a questionnaire that will help us to determine your risk profile based on your lifestyle habits.

Risk profiles

So you can understand your results better, we have separated risk into three different types of profile, or ‘traffic lights’. Using this traffic light system, we can provide tailored recommendations to help our customers minimise their risk of fragility fractures.

Green result

This means you currently have a lower than average risk of suffering from fragility fractures.

Amber Result

This means you currently have a moderate risk of suffering from fragility fractures.

Red Result

This means you currently have a relatively high risk of suffering from fragility fractures.

Thank you for your interest in Osentia®. We are more than happy to answer your questions about our test, provide guidance on interpreting your results and receive feedback.

To speak to a member of our customer services team please call us on 1-888-821-3888 or email us at info@medicalDevicesCanada.com We will back to you as soon as possible to assist you.